A normal peripheral blood lymphocyte and monocyte.






A normal, nonmalignant, reactive lymph node. Follicular hyperplasia is seen, both in the central and cortical areas. Very low power view, hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stain.






Normal spleen. The  vascular structures, sinusoids, and intervening lymphoid areas can be appreciated. Very low power view, H&E stain.


Normal lymphocyte and neutrophil.


Normal bone marrow cells. Five erythroid precursors (with pyknotic nuclei) are present. The remaining cells are myeloid precursors in varying stages of maturation ranging from myeloblasts to segmented neutrophil.


Low-power view of an H&E stained normal bone marrow biopsy. Normal distribution and cellularity are seen. Several distinct megakaryocytes can be recognized because of their large size and multiple nuclear lobes.


A normal eosinophil and red blood cells.